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♌ Leo ♌ 🦁

🦁 🦁 🦁Lyons and lioness and immature cubs(of age 25 n over) 🤣 🦁 ♌ 🦁 ♌ 🦁 welcome welcome Thank you for joining as usual and for my newqueenbies, Thank you for checking us out. Do subscribe/signup on the website and if not Well Alrighty Then.


Leo my tribe my collective your first 3 cards that landed explained dour present energy ,what you have to deal with during this cycle until the 1st quarter moon, and 3rd card is your money flow. Their is an important piece missing and someone has it quietly. Well instructor and teaching his son the proper ways. Very powerful energy here. Great father/mother yet one thing is missing. The 2nd card the tower shows hardship and pain . It's hard for you to move from sad events. Something is traumatic an abrupt change or severe loss. Your Money card is the Magician card so your gonna have to work hard for your coins. Your going to have to pull out many different ideas and create a solid flow. Find your talents and use that. Emotionally your feeling very head on and outspoken but it shows your dreams need a practical plan. Your dark card shows what you should be working on watching out for .The underworld where all things pause and begin again, How do you view your underworld?The other bigg question here is what do you have to do to transform you life into something you find easier or more AUTHENTIC TO YOU! Crystal that is here to help push you through is the Agate crystal which works amazing not only with energy of health yet the calmness and stillness within. The Love card is the reparenting yourself as life moves forward teaching yourself meaningful things and tactics. Growing and always understanding that change and grow are vital for human beings.Ase Thank you for coming hopefully it resonated and if not well maybe next week mmmmk. 😊 Thanks for checking Us out.

Zodiac signs I picked up was Leo, Pisces, taurus, gemini, scorpio,cancer,virgo,capricorn

All tips can be sent to cashapp/venmo Thanks again

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