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♐️ After Full Moon /during ♊️

Hello welcome ladies and gents we're back for our full moon forecast, New Moon was done on Instagram if your not following you should dizzyflowwiddit,Thank you. Welcome back Tribe members and new Tribe members please sign up/subscribe to the website for future updates. If not alrighty then. Lets start with my 9th ♐️ let's see what's going on shall we...

Sagittarius ♐️ you got 9,3,1 with cancerian, scorpio Pisces hense the birds cardinal signs. Focus on what your building and why you are doing it. And who you really doing it for. You more importantly... take a moment to appreciate the strength you have learned this year. Repeating stops here because we are self checking. And self preserving and taking the time to water us finally the proper way. Ase, take time to focus on what your growing and the plans because they are going to fall through. Ase clarity is what's important for you to obtain at all times. Don't let no one fog or clog up what you know to be true. Walk your right path.....Ase ✅️

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