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Collective Messages 2/24

Let's get ready to rumble Sun, Moon, And Rising and all placements so for the new year is approaching, so let's click in and see what needs to be heard for the collective. If this doesn't pertain to you maybe next click in. Thank you Cash app is $midnightflow .

Thank you for the likes, shares, comments, and love spread....

This hit leo, saggi, Aries

They need to focus on being more stable and focused sun moon risings whrevee these placements may fall.

Forced to meditate and get themselves aligned because they just aren't caring to much about that or spiritual life or having a peaceful mind.

Air signs gem, ♒, Libra needs to not let things get in the way of what they're going through. Stand tall for it won't last forever. The serpent shows 2 times get advice from a solid colleague that's highly respected On the relationship to guide you properly. Taurus, cap, virgo you have so much going on just focus on the finish line for yourself. You go forward and take 10 steps back. Stop and catch yourself. Capricorn are more on the silent time to keep their energy peaceful. Someone's Aries has a moving eye and just plays the field.

Someone needs to pay more attention to their pets? So much will feel like you have lost but you are truly gaining. Lets go Thank you for clicking in. Next video will go up ! Tomorrow for Sunday prayer. Let's see what they clicking about. Thanks again for likes, share

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