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♊ Gems ♊ 10/22

👬 Heyyyy my Gems we back , Sun Moon, Rising and all them other fine placements.welcome welcome newqueenbies Thank you for joining us today and maybe next time too. Enjoy, sign up/subscribe to my website. THANK you and if not Allllll Righty then...... on with the Cards.... lol I'm up for my night babies tonight lol...

Sooo loves let's get right onto it. Your first three cards showed you have poor advice right now and unorthodox ways. Lost feeling yet you still keeping that prayer up. Yet action and prayer must go together Gem, you had a lot of darkness going on but you conquered something here. And you and this person has learned despite the differences their can be money made together.making solutions to a problem, I see you. It's odd because it's almost like your willing to just live through this struggle Gem. This 3rd card shows you Om the ledge giving up because you feel you been in circles. Yet the wand next to you is lit. You're not in the dark completely so why give up.see a trip in a plane very soon if you have done or planned it this week already. So take time with choices its okay to sit n think just don't sit for too long.Gem too many delays going on.The crystal that would be good for you during this cycle is a Sunstone this baby does way mote then just empowering yet the energy that comes is amazing for you right now it's what you need to push through from sitting on that ledge in card 3 you see. The darkness you need to pay attention to is Vampire energy the emotional intelligence of someone getting over In some form of emotional vampirism. Which means you still haven't placed the proper boundaries. So with educating your self and becoming emotionally smart you can protect you. Live harmoniously like your love card Here last but not least.cleansing and just enjoying the pure beauty of the world and all elements. Ase THANKS FOR JOINING. MAYBE THAT HELPED MAYBE NOT. MAYBE NEXT TIME BUT THANKS FOR JOINING AND STOPPING BY ♥ 💜 💙


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