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Manifestation Jars

Manifestation Jars

These jars are blessed which help you manifest innergy to coincide with your daily needs. FOR Example the Gold sun jar symbolizes Divine Masculine energy. Helping you become the sun,lion, who rules the 1st house of self . IF YOU PICK THE SILVER SUN, your emboding the Divine Feminine energy of grace and 1st and 2nd house of self identity/self value, the balance of both energies is extremely important that you dont embodie one energy over the other!

EXAMPLE 2: If you pick the jar with Wings that are red you need a boost of energy to help you finish projects and take off fully into your full potential each jar gives a different essence of life and together these will make it easier for you. If you pick a jar withclosed wings you need grounding you need stability and drinking out of these cups every rising helps bring you closer and closer during God's time ase!

Thank you any questions can be filled out on the website and we have no problem answering and getting back at our earliest

convenience if your unsure of exactly which Jar suits you best.

Thank you again Tribe member.

Love jar= self confidence

Flowers= growth/ graceful transition

Female body silhouette =stability

Masculine body silhouette =stability

White sun=clarity on situations,thoughts

Silver sun=emboding female energy with fire

Gold sun=fire element strength grit in your identity Masculine energy

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