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♓ 🐟 ♓ 10/22/21

My ♓ you're amazing and smart beyond your year's...

My Pisces ♓ yes yes How are my fish swimming? Welcome back welcome back and Welcome Newqueenbies Thank you for checking us out and joining in on the fun. Do subscribe/signup to the website and if not well Alrightttttty Then. So let's see what my Fishes got going on?

The first card thrown was the 6 of swords watching you leave all frustrations, burned bridges and dark side to a more successful side. Good thing you switch lanes before you lost any resources. Now you are the queen if wands standing in your fire and strength with choices so watch out for how people make you feel remember your a foreseer so most times you can see things before they happen or you will get messages. And don't be the person to always pass judgement everyone is at their own pace. Also the horn is coming from an angel who is helping this awakening and refreshing feeling.. give thanks.Thee crystal to support you through this cycle is the awakening crystal for emotional healing maybe that'd the fire you're aging behind. The moon card had luck on your side,bullseye so stay consistent with your visions and goals.My ♓ you are becoming aligned Now you will see the difference this year is going to be a great year starting January. Going to be tight for a while until then spend wisely Jack o 'lantern was your dark card just know your protected and Jack o'lantern has a very popular way about its spirit and of bringing that protection to your home. But if you feel new boundaries are what's needed. My Pisces then implement them. Ase your love card is luminosity because right now your working your craft your not trying to put all these Pieces together. Now your actually just enjoying the sun the wind and the animals. You're becoming more vibrate then ever Divine Feminine/ Masculine. Continue to listen to the inner you. And your money is looking good and working its way up for sure give it time. Ride the ride my fishy 💙 💜 . Ase Thank you for joining and if it didn't resonate, maybe next time. Don't forget you can book a reading or purchase products for cleansing your home and keeping the energy alive.

Floor washes, Banos and meditations.

Signs I got here are Pisces,libra,Gemini, Aries, Leo,Sagittarius

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