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12/16 ♋️ Full Moon In ♊️

Hello welcome ladies and gents we're back for our full moon forecast, New Moon was done on Instagram if your not following you should dizzyflowwiddit,Thank you. Welcome back Tribe members and new Tribe members please sign up/subscribe to the website for future updates. If not alrighty then. Lets start with my 1st discipline.......♋️ lets see what's going on shall we....

So Cancerians you got 9,6, 10 reflecting everything. You got all Zodiac signs n the wheel of life interconnectedness within the universe and self. Your justice will be loud to hear and those who need to hear will be educated on the justice ⚖️. Your fears are not real cancerian. Step forward and face what is slowing you down. What about yourself is slowing you down. Also the failure your feeling may not be failure yet you have yet to learn to adapt to time n situations of life inorder to continue with stability and longevity in things and what belongs to you. Endurance cancerian discipline and self awareness....Ase

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