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♏️ After Full Moon/ during ♊️

Hello welcome ladies and gents we're back for our full moon forecast, New Moon was done on Instagram if your not following you should dizzyflowwiddit,Thank you. Welcome back Tribe members and new Tribe members please sign up/subscribe to the website for future updates. If not alrighty then. Lets start with my 8th disciple ♏️ lets see what's going on shall we...

You numbers are 4,9,5 and you are hard in what you believe to be true.your accepting to this challenge, but think before you act. Can be a bit hott headed. 4 pentacles dropped power struggle is real. The security needed is real. So the star card my heart card came out where your putting much more into one thing. Love more. Support is here.and again the devil card as these "folk " are begging like I said offerings for their freedom n situations to be fixed or changed. But you are on guard for your own as you should be. Because truly they make their own cage that the higher ups can only un-cuff..... Ase 💛 💚

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