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♑️ After full moon/during ♊️

Hello welcome ladies and gents we're back for our full moon forecast, New Moon was done on Instagram if your not following you should dizzyflowwiddit,Thank you. Welcome back Tribe members and new Tribe members please sign up/subscribe to the website for future updates. If not alrighty then. Lets start with my 10tht ♑️ let's see what's going on shall we...

♑️ the numbers you got today are 8,1,6 focus on what you feel needs to always have balance the sword Is for just incase your suited for all situations Capricorn. Continue to follow your heart and always be on team right not team person..... illusion will be showing up and coming out something dark that needed to be told . Stay in this shaman energy your carrying with you into this New Year own it. Crystals you can carry are black tourmaline and lapis lazuli for past life. (Great if you have tons of di ja vu and traveling )Ase

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Thank you Ase 😊 💓

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