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Air🍃 Signs 6/21

Hello My AIR Loves, Sun,moon,Rising and where ever else this placemt lies If you have it.welcome and Thanks for joining in, So to sum it up

Discovering yourself Air signs good for you. Fighting has been for quite a while.Bit the fight is over you are using your resources and fortune is here with children, or love affair as the drama card rolled up still in your 5th house of Leo energy this energy can bring on some sort of distraction with letters perhaps causing an affair still in Leo energy. AIR SIGNS BE REAL STAND YOUR GROUND. AND IF YOUR THE AIR SIGN BEING THE AGGRESSOR leave whomever alone if you aren't serious/or confused... you have a friendship with this new person and they are really into you and if your into them then make it happen because very fruitful if you guys can connect will still have your space,Ase Thanks for joining again Enjoy.......

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