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♒ Aquarius ♒

Hello Air element , welcome please Subcribe,like and or comment . I appreciate you stopping by for some notes In any way I can help.

AQUARIUS your caught up on some love affair or stuck on this love thought n person. You need to be patient and continue to focus on your health n better yourself truly not all happiness is on the outside that's why u still be sad inside. Because your the wind what happens when u don't open the window and allow fresh air u get stale. You get into a weak low vibrational routine don't let this be you. Cards never lie. AQUARIUS YOUR NUMBERS ARE 3,45,6,7 . Focus on bettering yourself the problem is you want something but not willing to sacrifice some things either. Stay focus on the inner prize. ASE🧿🔮🪄⚖💫

Dont forget your numbers are 3,4,5,6,7 and to really stay focused on your communicating skills and getting better with creatively being open and expressive, work and health factor is going to be huge over the next few months for you n those super close to you. 7 last but not least these relationships try to keep them in friendships standards at least if you aren't sure of what you truly want. Or of you know you have to back away because certain things your not going to. Change. Being the most honest with yourself brings great honesty with others. Ase 💨🔮🪄🌪💨🪄⚖💫🤍🧡

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