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Aquarius ♒

Aquarius ♒ energy ✨ is here owww Welcome back welcome back yes yes and All my Newqueenbies Thank you for joining and do subscribe/signup for our website. Hermit energy is here while I am preparing for this read. I feel back soreness and Someone drinking too much.. fuzzy feelings mentally..... baby aches and headaches check your eyesight Aquarius or if you haven't in a while put some dry eye drops to help dry eye. So here we go 1st card that fell is the 7 stars behind the woman pouring into water.this is vibrant energy faith in what's coming back to you. The queen of cups I see my divine Masculine/Feminine being very careful with not missing any opportunities or dropping anything because all the fruits are valuable here. The 3rd card is the knight of cups Someone wise and innerstands how to prepare for fight. But you run you Hermit yourself because the reality of your life needs more attention before you can even deal with another person. The crystal here to help guide you is the Herkimer diamond and this does help with dreams and energy it Can be overpowering .Your Moon card is in Leo so push through like a lion with your confidence. Your dark card is not to sleep on your own inner wisdom and know your being asked to do better and stay wise for yourself. The Love card shows intimacy you need real love. It's boring if it anit real. Ase becareful how you look for. A partner just focus on you they will come. Someone is about to have a drug addiction or they have one.

The Zodiac signs I picked up was Aquarius, leo,cancer,scorpio,Pisces,Aries

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