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Hi there! Welcome Aries ,Tribe/collective and all newbies please subscribe to the website if you haven't already and if not well alrighty then ,Lets get to it

King of wands/the sun/9 pentacles

So the breakdown of these 3 cards Divine Feminine/Masculine. You're a great parent and sure of what these kids need. You will be feeling yourself for this next week. Money is in your favor Ram for you have the 9 of pentacles.This supports you being Queen of the coins. And divine Masculine I'm not counting you out this means your the king of yah coins, mmmkkk. Ase. Keep it up but their will be some battle mentally going on. Take time to learn how to center your energy.

Next up is the emotions you will have to face during this week and of course it says they running high, of course they are Ram maybe it's the way your handling the bad and good. Next up was your Halloween card the skull of darkness - which really is pushing you to internally pay attention to what you push to the side when when it comes to the inner you. Peace and pattern breaking is going to be your focus.This Can help you uncover exactly what your blind spot is. Confine in those you trust. God shows you who you can confine in. Ase. 3rd card is the lovers deck. And yours shows a garden and you know what that means look how relax she is after alll that hard work has been put in around her/him. You got this take your time. Last but not least what crystal vibration will help you continue this week out "Emerald " which pushes compassion.

Signs I got out this reading or that you may/are dealing with...... ♌ ♊ and the emerald is a birthstone to these astrology signs ♉ ♋....

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Thank you Ase!

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