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Cancerian ♋️ 11/28

We back Khepera's How yah doing Sun,Moon, and Rising? All New members welcome if your an Cancerian or have this placement anywhere welcome. Subscribe/signup to the website for futher postings. Thank you and if not Alrighty then Hopefully this resonates and can help. If not maybe next time. Ase 💛 Thanks for supporting.If your not subscribed to the website please subscribe sign up Or Not. Alrighty Then. Let's get into to this Cancerian energy shall we..... For You divine Feminine or divine Masculine you rule intuition and emotions. This is all you right here. Constantly focused on the work you are doing or needing to be done. A move is coming yes another one,next year smh lol buckle up lol. Don't get too caught up in the fact that things are imperfect. Just focus on how u can do better. Ase Thank you Donations accepted cashapp $midnightflow

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