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♑ Capricorn ♑

Hey 🐐 may this weekend be amazing and you find yourself staying out of any quarrels or situations that aren't seeing eye to eye. Once again you have the hierophant starting off. Keep in prayers and turn to God to give you clarity I. Your dreams for you to see and have your own discernment. Be wise move carefully and stop giving so damn much. It anit always gotta be a party when it's just a gathering.... be at the right places at the right times.. This blue moon is for you to focus on the root of problems and help with balancing things out ..... why you because it's you lol. Don't forget your numbers are don't quote me on this check the video for sure lol. 6,7,12, 3 ASE🧿🔮🪄🪡⚖🌪👑🧨🌪🧨💨

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