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♑ Capricorn ♑

Hey my caps how yah doing just don't be capping over here Alrightttttt lol. Welcome back welcome back and Welcome Newqueenbies thanks for joining us. Do subscribe/sign up to the website and if not Alrighty then maybe next time or not too. Ase stay blessed.

LETS get into it and see what vibes my Capricorns got going on in the building....

I may say Capricorns last read if I remember correctly you were doing yah thing and this read its an incontinous of your consistency. My caps have been listening and really taking heed. Divine Masculine/ Feminine energy with this 1 cards that came out with company. The emperor/knight of wands fighting for what's yours protecting what's yours and standing your ground and hiding it down.your family is doing well and you are being Given so many opportunities. It's all in your favor! Your Moon card pushes that your close to achieving your goal a bigg goal. Be careful with zombie control especially because it can be both ways. Are you dating ones that aren't above you so you can have some form of control or is this happening to you Capricorns. Either way digg deep into what this is trying to teach you so you can grow.The crystal that is helping you during this cycle is the Calcite because relaxation is how you should be celebrating mmmmkkk. Yesssir, divine Feminine/Masculine your love card was love because right about now your full of it. So keep it easy don't give toooooo much and see that this is ebb n flow. Yeah nothing like perfect but your being productive and battling whatever. To have harmony through great practice capricorns. Keep it up

Do more stretches winter is coming (always dark for you caps) so bring in winter with calming things like yoga n tea. Ase ....

The Zodiac signs I picked up are Capricorn, Aries,leo,Sagittarius, taurus,virgo Cancerian

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