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Fire Babies ☄

Hello welcome my fuego Babies, This really has you on the grill. Seeing so much social work coming my fire babies way also, You guys are in a situation that's flattering but your becoming detached or someone is and they're serious about it. Either you/or your partner things are bumpy right now. But a decision has to be made and fast,because regardless this person is never going anywhere because you don't want them too. Whether it breaks apart or not,ties are ties....focus on you what you bring to the table and what makes you different. Don't be to grumpy, or minding other people businesses so much when u really have so much going on already! You need a practical plan for working out and being consistent and you need a practical plan with these flings (and you married woman need to get your partner and you back on track why not) flirtation card shows it can still be something... think about that.... Stay fuego and enjoy ❤❤🖤💫🧿🪞👑

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