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Gemini ♊️ 11/28

We back like we never ghosted lol, Gemini style. ♊️, welcome welcome Sun,Moon,rising and anyother placement you may have them.Tribe Members and New mmebers thank you so much and Divine souls let's take a divine into your energy shall we.I got a very serious vibe from you Gemini The page of cups was your 1st card with the 10 of swords. So combined I got your a happy dreamer yet your reality seems a bit more chaotic then that. Your going throught some form of physical or mental stress so this makes sense of the page of cups energy here. Pull through like your Ace of cups and give your new feelings to the Moon. Pull through more spiritually you can do better. Find the strength don't be a fool

Moon Neptune Pluto water signs,deciet,guidance,drive,the mind. Compassion, relationships,emotions,imagination.

Ase Thank you


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