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Gemini ♊ Oct 📚

Hey Now thanks for dropping on by and seeing what spokyness we got creeping up during October mmmmmk, If you haven't already download our app for exclusive informationa and amazing deals. . Thank you for supporting and bringing people our way also. P.s we sell head cleanses . ❤ So Gem hopefully this resonates cause if not maybe next time. Sun ,moon, rising,an all thee above......

Ase' cashapp $midnightflow venmo dez.rinc (website at the top in black n white you can download app)

AS I ENDED YOUR RRAD I FLIPPED ONE MORE CARD. FOR THE CHARIOT THAT CAME OUT....(chariot is all about forward movement and self control..beware of procrastination)landed on the chariot was the 7 of swords, so either you are coming clean from deception or your moving in a way that brings you very close to it. Be wise to keep your end of what you say you will do. Also be aware that it can backfire if you play that hand too close.. beware, stay on guard of you all the time yes beware ful your Jst not manifesting their energy as well. 7 means faith mystery spirituality. Stay happy stay positive stay you. Get that head cleanse you won't regret it . (We have them for only $40. In the Concoction section under services.)Thank you. Ase'

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