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Leo Oct 📚

Leo sun ,moon, rising , and all thee above. welcome and thanks for joining checking out what we have. May the cards give you direction and clarity towards your next moves. I'd you haven't already join our website by downloading our app so you can receive all the information that's given and messages that are posted with discounts and product for sale.Thank you let's take a dive into your energy and see what you need for the month of October........Ase'

Leo as I was finishing up your read and wanted to get out of there lol was because, I felt a massive tension spot in between my shoulders and that's of huge responsibility when one feels overwhelmed and not knowing what to do or where to turn. Take Baths and let the shower cleanse and clear everything everytime you take one. Look at the water as doing more then clearing your skin up from dirt yet washing the energy that lingered today and yesterday. Meditate and take walks if u can. Ase '

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