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♎ Libra ♎

Close attention to family,frugal with $$$..

♎ ⚖ welcome my libras ♎ And welcome all Newqueenbies yes yes Thanks for checking Us out. Do subscribe rise/signup to our website and if not Alrighty Then. Thanks for coming and hopefully see you again until then let's see what my library got going on. Shall we....

So Libra Tribe/Collective Divine Masculine/Feminine the energy of the first card is the lovers card Love is actually in your favor but it's deeper just that it's within you so your going to attract the right one. Your doing the work stay connected with those who really reciprocate the vibes and energy with you. But try to not get too Un balanced yourself with too much self justice. It's more about understanding always. So the 2nd card is showing a move a stronger base to build together.finally a strong foundation. Becareful to not over due your celebrations for it can be done foolishly still be stingy and smart with them coins Libra! Spend wisely, whatever balances you and your family and those you love. Stay focus you got this, The crystal here to help serve you is the Kyanite Blue for letting go and also healing energy at the same time. This crystal is amazing and helping also with the throat chakra. Your dark card to work on with you or others is Acceptance and equality which brings you to viewing life in different ways. Death and birth are both beautiful in different ways. It's perspective simplify and let it go libra.Remember Lady De Los Muertos is the balance between horror and beauty. Balance.Ase, your Moon card was the cancerian energy of carb protection of home and family. Your lovers card is of abundance so enjoy and continue to rise my Libras Yes I read enjoyed the energy I was getting from my Libra tribe/Collective a good sense of bringing that energy and taking care of health so the ones around you are okay also. Ase. My libras doing it. 🤪 lol .

Zodiac signs I got here are Libra, cancerian,Pisces, scorpio,taurus ,virgo,Gemini Ase!

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