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New Year 23, Taurus ♉

Hello welcome back to the New Year we all needed time to re-start our lives and get ready for this period. If this doesn't resonate maybe next click in. Aye mate.....

This New Year started with an alignment of 5 planets coming in strong Jupiter, mars, Venus, Uranus, and mercury. Much change has happened for this set up to be created amongst us. New beginnings in big forms. LUCK,Activity, Love,freedom, And thoughts. Where do your signs fall with these planets ...... That's where you will be effected .

All donations can be Cashapp to $midnightflow 1,2,3,4,5,10,15,20 whatever you like haha. Thank you for all your time also and donations are giving to the ancestors for delivering your messages always. May the Sun shine upon your back, forever being in your favor. Flow 🧿🕯🌻👑💯💫💚🤍⚖🍯🌙🌝🧹🪄🌿🧲

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