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Sagittarius ♐

Stop being illusional with your feelings..

Sagittarius 🏹 My on guard Babies yet slush puppies when they love yah. How yah doing welcome back yes welcome back. Newqueenbies thanks for joining us and don't forget to subscribe/signup to the website and if not well alrighty then. 😀 On with the show let's see what my Sagittarius ♐ tribe/Collective Divine Feminine/ Masculine going through now/owwww haha.....

A burst of energy I am feeling...ears ringing and hairs standing so much going on In Sagittarius energy right now as I sit and receive your messages prior to your reading. I seen transformation like a rusty old car now looks completely different this can just be metaphorical for the change your making. Physically feeling achy though I see you guys are still pushing through.....Ase

Saggiiiii let's talk about it so the 1st card thrown is a woman who has been back stabbed 3 times and she still touches the sharp edge to question is this true and even as a drop of blood drops from that touch its still an victim energy. You can't accept something and still be around something whatever it may be. The justice card came out next and I asked justice in what. My he-man Gemini 2 face card came out I said whom Is this with it said the chariot so someone is deff on guard and coming while the battle between this justice is on the ultimate high right now. So now to do all this CA CA above your 3rd card is you walking on ice literally like I asked why is Divine Feminine/ Masculine walking on thin ice because it's really cracked bad. It showed the contract lover card and I asked what is this doing, blocking the world for you. The crystal you got that's good to help you with what you need most some grounding with hematite this is great for you Sagittarius! The moon card you received was "nothing will come of this situation. "(I'm really getting avoid this if you can but some of you just aren't going to be able to avoid thus drama) the dark card you received was skull of darkness your blind spots. Pay attention because it's probably what you don't think of or think about that's helping you back. The same gift that blesses can always cause curses. Find your blind spots that have you repeating things and having these experiences over yet with different people. What are you doing wrong or what can you adjust? Your lovers card is dating. Just go be free and really enjoy just the flirtation of things the vibe and joy of meeting and just having simple laughs because you need it and that's what will keep things quite for right now Saggiiiii!!!

P.s stop falling in love and learn to be love you can attract it truly work on your discernment for self because your great at it for others ......... Ase

The Zodiac signs I got here are

Sagittarius,Aries,leo,Pisces, and Libra

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