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Sagittarius OCT 📚

Hey my Sagittarius 's thanks for coming by n clicking up with the one and only. New Tribe members try to sign up with the app for all the exclusive drops and important information that's passed down. Thank you Ase, all cashapp donations for the reads are accepted. Thank you for that and your read was super deep and meaningful in every way. Contracts Are a bigg deal so be careful. And be careful making promises and building contracts (invisible ones) people depend on you. No Bueno. Sagi step it up through this hectic month and hold on because it's gonna get have a ton going on but you can count on you .

Order my relaxation tea for the month of Oct to keep your mind clear and nerves calm through these next 5 weeks of madness and non stop movement..... becareful to not hurt yourself physically. I will be posting the video in the am just wanted to give you a taste of the read. But for some reason it's not posting the videos . I will call technical support in the Am to fix this Pronto. Thank you for being patient and this was a huge read and important a lot of news will be coming out for the next 30 days. Your gonna have to really sit tight and pray up on being covered and protected. You try so hard but maybe its actually not in the right places for which your doing this. Imma need you to really sit back n try to take your time when it comes to focusing on you and what you have to do to get through these times. Gonna be a hard winter I don't see any slow activity until about Feb end of January. It's gonna be constant from now till then...... When levels take place its on every aspect of your life the more you keep certain things the more you continue to crawl. It's looking about that time to invest in a new bed. Something about the bed has a lot to do with holding on. This is where you rest your head at , this needs to be cleansed everyday until you get a new bed. Ase' keep up the good work and staying strong headed through all the madness this month. You want to do something else your looking around like this is life but it isn't. Your in control and more importantly your family is by your side with the change . Stick to what works not what's forced. Ase' Thank you for supporting cashapp $midnightflow /venmo dez.rinc

Order a cleanse for this month of keeping all the evil away and negative vibes at bay.

$40 Concoction remedy for uplifting n clarity ♐

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