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🦂 ♏ Scorpio

Continue to just fight and stand strong!

Hey my loves ❤ How's my darkness of light doing? Lol Miss me I miss yah too. Welcome welcome we are back again with some 311/411 all that good stuff. Welcome Newqueenbies and Thanks for joining us subscribe/signup to the website if not Alrighty Then. Maybe your next trip back lol. Thanks for joining. LETS SEE WHATS IN THE CHOPPING BLIVK FOR SCORPIAND DURING THIS CYCLE UNTIL THE 1ST QUATER MOON, SHALL WE CREEP MYSTERIOUSLY 🤣 🤣 SO my loves your first three cards are showing me that......No need to be in the energy of worry that's exactly where they want you.stand in your queen of wands Energy.your an magnificent Magician who has all the tools and if not innerstands their resources and how to get them tools needed. These 3 cards present to the end of this cycle is just showing how somethings can always touch a nerve but never step into the web.Do some mental cleanses and Head rotations. THE CRYSTAL THAT WILL BE EMPOWERING YOU DURING THIS CYCLE IS SELENITE- for your Spiritual Awakening and the more you push through of not directing with emotion but more of stern queen choices for her family and whom she walks with. The moon card is showing a time for healing Taking this vacation internally or literally is well due right now. Healing never ends with this sign. The dark card you received was the Spider community and web weaving you have all the resources at your tips you got this continue to grow. And during this cycle my scorpions it's going to be the balance between what you do for you and others. If you give too much of your silk how will you have enough for yourself? Your lovers card is Chivalry so enjoy this time and continue to invest with yourself. You got this !

The signs I got out this reading was ♏, ♎ , ♊ ♒ ♈ ♌ ♐ .........Ase

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