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♉ Taurus ♉ 10/22

♉ Heyyyyy my Bulls we back , welcome welcome newqueenbies Thank you for joining us today and maybe next time too. Enjoy, sign up/subscribe to my website. THANK you and if not Allllll Righty then...... on with the Cards.... lol I'm up for my night babies tonight lol... Sooo loves let's get right onto it. Your first three cards showed so much going on. Whether this be involving you or people around you it's like always chaos or just making chaos now. You just continue to stay on your work and what you have stabled and what you can do to make things better for you Taurus. Thus Pyromorphite is not only giving you Patience it's also this crystal is technically lead(mineral). So beautiful yet poisonous if it got into your bloodstream. So easy with the size yah purchase on this one hahaha! Okay, so your dark card ,trick or treat says treat Divine Feminine/Masculine. skull of stars the luck energy is high right now for you. That's great news YAH money gonna be booming if it anit already collective. Your Love card also had an extra message if self respect maybe your not setting the proper boundaries? Sexuality is a bigg deal right now for you whether it's health kick, or You just being in the mood lol it's in your favor step carefully. BECAUSE emotionally it's all about taking Action so you don't wanna over do it, New moon in Aries so the vibe is strong make it break. Push through gracefully As I know My divine Feminine/ Masculine do.So Take your time put short goals up and go from there. Ase Love and Light.

Tips can be venmo or cashapp


Cashapp- $midnightflow THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ 💙 💜

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