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♍ Virgo ♍ ✨

🌙 Hey my Virgos, what's going on Baby shake it up yes yes we here live my Tribe/ Collective and Thank you for joining. My newqueenbies Thank you for joining and checking us out. Do subscribe/signup to the website and if not well Alrighty Then. Let's get into my 7th disciple Virgo's energy shall we. RESPECTFULLY MMMK, 😆 🤣 😂

So for the first 3 cards My ♍ your either winning the struggle or starting to go a bit backwards with having self doubt. The next card is the Queen of pentacles and yes you may be coming across money but their are sleep people whom you're presenting to,or even dolls. So how is this charity helping those around you? Are you hearing what your people need.Wheel of fortune card came about someone wanting to know their fate destiny. Do you have true faith?... THE 3RD CARD is a woman in the Virgo! With 4 swords 3 standing n 1 buried with her yet these roses are still alive, so before you make any irrational decisions meditate on it retreat rest and then return to lives daily events and tasks. The crystal that will be guiding you during this cycle is shattuckite "teacher". Your feeling the need to be helped or need answers. Go to whom you know you can. The moon card is showing a tough cycle is coming to an end it is approaching in Capricorn energy which is bringing in a new season of cold. Your dark card is the Skeleton, which is really about self it's the bone of our physical so yours is more of a task to show your strength in being vulnerable and expressing yourself differently and truly asking for help or reaching out. Don't be. A martyr virgo..... The lovers card was boundaries, imma spank yah I'm sick of yah getting this card every 6 months virgos! As if, come on stick to them boundaries all the elements are in your favor she is behind the gate. With a shield of self love you must remember you and that it's okay to do things even know we know we may be spoked out. But be honest with yourself and where your truly at...Ase

Zodiac signs I got Virgo, capricorn, taurus, Gemini, Leo ,sag,Aries,Pisces Scorpio ,Aquarius,Libra Cancer shhhh all of them 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Divine Feminine/Masculine again the smoke is clearing reach out so do some real spiritual protection work. Ase Thank you again ♥ 💜 💙

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