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♍️ Virgos ♍️

Welcome back Virgo Tribe Members and New members Sun Moon and Rising or anyother placement you may have this sign. Thank you for joining Virgos vibe was very playful and fun. I got a sense of seeing things not differently yet more enhanced. This is a time to move swiftly yet peacefulling and with integrity. Careful with the way you word things Virgo for sometimes you may leave important details out. Judgement is coming to others around you those you were flirting with or feeling like this could go somewhere. Maybe they didn't support you when you needed them to in the way you needed. Take control and count your gifts and tools giving inorder for you to have control and work together in receiving more enlightenment. Virgo if you wanna cry cry you wanna play play. No one can be mad for you reacting the way you feel is right and helps you deal with life. Amen ase Thank you

Cashapp donations to $midnightflow click the link in the bio n signup /subscribe to the website. Ase

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