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Water signs !

So Water signs Great blessings coming, hard work emotionally ,mentally,physically and it's certainly going to pay off..Alll the worries are slowly fading.. Mercury was very gentle to you and gave you spankings that were needed not extra if u had trouble you weren't in alignment and your finances are tough and this may not have been a reading for you.. Haters will always be around which is why it's important to trust yourself and you know when to turn to the team for help and when to handle n do what you do best! Much to come beautiful beginnings to more structured adventures ,proud of you but it isn't over yet so keep up that energy.... It's never over for us a gift and a curse for us being us ,Ase!!!!

(IT HAD A HARD TIME POSTING MY WATER SIGNS AND IM NOT SURE WHY... please give the water sign until the Am to post if not I will upload again. THANK YOU MY DEAREST APOLOGIES !!!!!!!! But here is a little snip of what came out above and below)

Jupiter in Aquarius in June brings social help and gathers,parties and brings luck here actually. Someone met someone new and has a choice of a friendship or lover. If you haven't their is someone their of interest that you will pickor make a choice also you could already have the harmony and balance between the 2 already withing your relationship. Friendships also circle still and also standing in your comfort of feeling protected and helped with or during whatever conventions. Mars is here with the choice of action. So becareful many blessings coming money wise also! Stack but spend wisely nuture your ideas and think them out clearly. Water signs your going to be very busy and sensitive these next 30 days trend slow and stay focused. Xoxooxxoxoxox ASE 🧿🪞💫🍃💚🖤❤✊🏾💯🦾💛

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Elaine Sosa
Elaine Sosa
Jun 23, 2021

Asè when you have an amazing teacher and a tribe that helps you along with a desire to become my highest self spankings are needed to smile after. All in divine time ✨ 💪🏾

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