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Updated: Jan 20, 2021

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Dear Tribe, I started studying herbs and practicing healthy habits a long time ago when my aunt taught me about her healthy eating lifestyle due to her health conditions, I was about 20 years old. This was a life changing experience It started with soda, pork, No McDonald's, no really outside eating unless it was natural or organic. I would grab nut mixes, shakes, fruit salads,salads, and more. It really helped so much especially with breast feeding my children, I would pump and see the greens ,blues, and natural color tones of my intake my children were receiving all this nutrition too. I also stopped buying seasons like sazon and goya unless I made my own seasons at home with these fresh natural herbs depending what herbs you're using for culinary. Including making my own tea's from scratch, boy was that interesting lol in the beginning. Depending what I was targeting to heal. I use herbs for many different reasons. Whether I was making a yoni steam, a bathe, tea ,and or for spiritual purpose for myself, few other things i picked up years later i'll mention in some videos or something. But my Mother was always spiritual. So I said to myself, self you gotta figure out something because these pads are tearing your skin up and gives you rashes, cant wear just anything . like, Does yah booty itch if the silk panties stay to long in yah crack. Ha-ha. So yeah I hand make my pads now lol,yes you can wash them. Which always worked out better because I am super sensitive to products my skin, hair, and body reacts. Its best I stick to just natural things,products and fabrics for under garments. Now if i have to wear one like absolutely have to too swim like emergency wear them Ha-ha, then okay.I started washing my hair with some natural fruit and water when I wanted it to grow, I got my hair to grow 10 inch's from chin to chest area. That's when I knew this lifestyle worked for me at 25 years old. Its hard when so many people bring food around my family or give us food because we 99 percent of the time don't eat the same. Or maybe even cook the same,Salad bar for me Ha-ha. So I am now 35 And I want to share my information with you and we all can work together to heal and spread positive vibes.I work with amazing woman who are great advisors and just all around genuine.I am Grateful for you and cant wait to share blogs with remedy's you can try or drink to just maintain a healthy tea lifestyle. Thank you for choosing my little tea shop as your go to TEA / SPIRITUAL ADVISORY/ THERAPEUTIC HEALING TRIBE.

we write it on paper and burn it in this house . STAY BLESSED> UNTIL NEXT TIME...... RIGHTEOUS....

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